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Qualified renowned allopathic medical practitioners with wide clinical and teaching
experience as Professors in Medical Colleges provide confidential consultations/treatment at place of your choice. Comprehensive investigation package including blood tests done at your doorstep for additional charges.

Please contact : +91 9841139768 / +91 9444450162 / +91 9444068990

Phone calls taken from 8 am to 8 pm

Email contact:  usmansexualhealth@yahoo.in

Procedure for consultation at your doorstep

Clients can contact by mobile or Email.

We respond agreeing on a mutually convenient time and place for consultation. Client pays consultation fees to bank account -------------------after speaking to us. Once confirmation of payment is received by us, we the Specialist Physicians will see the client at the appointed time and place.
If investigations are required client has to pay the charges before we collect blood samples.